East Coast Skimboards and Monkey Business Announce Summer 2012 Best Trick Round 2 Winner. 

Congratulations, Justin. Tell us more about your winning trick.
Yew! Stoked!! Thanks!!! The trick I did was a body varial on a sketchy bumpy part of the wave to a lil switch lipslide before dropping back in. I've been riding the cable park for wakeboards and wakeskates a lot lately on my skim and its helped my board control amazingly!

This session looks like you guys scored some really good waves. What kind of swell was it and is that the gulf or east coast of Florida? 
Swell was really fun and glassy! Waist to chest high late in the year. North swell on the Atlantic/ east coast of Florida. We all made a call a week a ahead of time with the Zap crew, lined up a filmer, and made the 3.5hr drive across the state to score some really fun waves with the boys! 

Who can we give credit to for shooting the video? Do you guys work together often and where can we see more of their work? 
Morgan Grosskreutz was the filmer. It was the first time we worked with him and after the response we got from our video, I can't wait to work with him again! Unfortunately its summer here in Florida, so everything turns into a lake. The kid has some serious talent!

Who are some of the guys that inspire your skimboarding? 
There are so many people that inspire me in my skimboarding. The locals who I always skim with like Bradford, Akerman, and Tenney have a tech game like no other. Our freeskim sesh's get pretty crazy. But the people who inspire me the most are the west coast and Mex guys and now the Brazil kids are making everyone open their eyes. Big wave riding is what I've always strived to go after. Sammy, Geo, Blair, Beaker, B. Rothe, B. Sears, Teddy V., Tim Fulton, and many others are people who I tend to watch the most just because they are on their own level on different waves of the world.

You don't skim in as many contests as you used to. Does a best trick contest like this, where you can skim when and where you want, something you would like to see more of? 
Yeah, the budgets for most skim companies have gone out the door for travel, so these types of contests are sick. It almost gives us a freeskim type contest! There are so many professional surfers out there that still make a living just off freesurfing and that would be sick if there were that type of future for skimboarders.

Do you have any plans for round 3 of our contest? 
Round 3??? Man I dont know! I really want to see the Cali guys step up this next round and just shut the doors on this Gulf Coast OTB junk. Remember when OTB's would win contests.. GAHHHH!!! Hahahaha. But really, wheres the Cali guys!? I've seen Domke, Fulton, and Stinnet do stuff that would destroy these tricks that have been posted, including mine. Those kids are the new young talent of our sport. If we have waves, hopefuly I can get a round 3 vid in!

Would you like to thank anybody? 
First of all I'd like to thank East Coast Skimboards and Monkey Business for putting on this contest. Zap Skimboards, We All Ride Clothing, and SPY optic. Check out blog.zapskimboards.com for constant updates and if you are looking for some new boardies, hats, shirts, guys or girls check out www.weallrideclothing.com They're always having special deals and giveaways. I'd also like to thank the filmer Morgan because this wouldn't have happened without him! And thanks to all who voted! Much love! Thanks ECS!!!! Keep this rolling and pushing our sport!!!

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