7 Gnarly East Coast Skimboarding Spots

When people think of popular spots for riding waves, they imagine the magnificent crests of the coasts of Hawaii or the legendary beaches of California. The hotspots of Washington State, Canada, and Mexico are likewise on the West Coast. The deliciously choppy Pacific is known for having more favorable surfing conditions than the cold Atlantic.

Even so, skimboarding fans do not have to cross the continent for a good time. East Coast Skimboards would not be located on the East Coast if there were no good skimming spots on this shore. We rounded up a list of seven eastern American beaches where skimboarders can find sweet satisfaction.

Ft. Lauderdale Beach, FL

If any region in the eastern United States would offer waves that rival the West Coast, it would be Florida. The Sunshine State is renowned worldwide as a tropical paradise, with beautiful beaches lining almost the entire peninsula. Plenty of them are wonderful for skimmers, but few can beat Ft. Lauderdale Beach.

Skimmers love clean sands free of board-stopping debris, and Ft. Lauderdale Beach can boast it. Various volunteer efforts pick litter off the sand every weekend out of civic pride for the local natural wonder/tourist magnet. More importantly, this stretch of the coastline spans several miles without obstruction or cut-off. There is nothing quite like uninterrupted cruising.

Manasota Beach, FL

Manasota Beach stands out from other East Coast skimboard hotspots on this list for not being quite on the East Coast. Located in the West Florida town of Englewood, it faces not the Atlantic but the Gulf of Mexico. This body of water does not exactly create waves like the Pacific, making Manasota’s inclusion all the more curious.

Still, just being in Florida is East Coast enough. Moreover, big waves are not as necessary for skimboarding as for surfing. Nice long spans of slightly submerged sand allow for a fun experience in both high and low tides. When conditions are right, Manasota Beach is the place to be — especially for those who would rather not cross the peninsula to ride Atlantic waters.

Sebastian Inlet, FL

Our last stop in Florida takes us from the Gulf Coast to the Space Coast — so nicknamed for Cape Canaveral’s Kennedy Space Center. This eastern-central region experiences slightly milder temperatures than South Florida. That gives skimming fans just several fewer summer days to take advantage of the area’s many beaches.

They need to choose their skim site wisely, and they could hardly make a better choice than Sebastian Inlet. Low tide is when the waves break in just the right way for skimboarding, so make sure you go at that time. Try to see if your visit can coincide with a rocket launch, too.

Dewey Beach, DE

For a state that can rival Florida as the East Coast’s skimboarding hotspot, you must look further north than you may have expected. Delaware — a state not known for being, well, notable — is home to Dewey Beach, which is home to the state’s skimming scene. When you bring your board to this resort town, you may be shocked to see how many others are already in the water.

Every article on Dewey Beach skimboarding focuses less on the waves and more on the community. Indeed, it is closely knit and comes together often. Regular competitions are especially great for meeting and exchanging tips with fellow enthusiasts. This aspect should not be underrated when looking for the best East Coast skimboarding spots.

Emerald Isle, NC

No, “Emerald Isle” here does not refer to Ireland — though we hear they have a notable skimboarding scene as well. Instead, we mean the island off North Carolina’s Crystal Coast, named for the gorgeous green hue of its seawater. Being surrounded by all sides means its beaches are rarely packed with people.

Emerald Isle is a wonderful place to practice some skimboarding stunts. For one, its seclusion offers a little more privacy, and locals who see you will likely cheer you on. For another, its nature as an island means you can hypothetically skim the whole twelve-mile perimeter — watch out for the private property. Lastly, the emerald waters are usually warm, so wiping out is much more pleasant than usual in the Atlantic.

Ogunquit Beach, ME

When many people think of great regions for beach activities, the northernmost stretch of New England will not come to mind at all. That does not mean the whole area should be counted out. On the contrary, fans can find plenty of great skim spots. For proof, look no further than Maine’s own Ogunquit Beach.

Unlike many shores in Maine, which are riddled with rocks, this one boasts a pleasant beach and an expansive sandbar. Naturally, the latter feature makes for excellent skimming conditions. During low tide, you will get an idea of just how far it stretches. During high tide, you can have a blast cruising around on your board.

Sea Bright, NJ

We would be remiss if we did not give our home state a shout-out. East Coast Skimboards could not have started in New Jersey if it was not home to plenty of great skim sites. Many are lesser-known and underrated, but a rare exception is the lovably named Sea Bright.

This town’s beach sees many enthusiasts turn out every year for SkimBash, a huge East Coast event devoted to the sport. This would not be possible if Sea Bright’s skimming conditions were not reliably favorable. Instead of flying down to states closer to the Equator, residents of New Jersey and neighboring areas can bring their boards here.

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The West Coast does not have a monopoly on United States skimboarding. Fans on the other side of the continent can find plenty of amazing places to enjoy their hobby. Far from settling for whatever is closest, they can find exciting competitions, welcoming communities, and remarkable experiences.

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