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  • Name: George Bryan
  • Nickname: Geo
  • Eyes: 2
  • Hair: Long
  • Sponsors: Exile, East Coast Skimboards, Volcom
  • Hometown: South Laguna, CA
  • Current Residence:South Laguna , CA
  • Occupation: Professional Skimboarder, Tenth Street Bros, Action Sports Productions
  • Hobbies: Photography, Surf, Yoga, Travel
  • Favorite Beaches:10th, Wedge, Solmar, Seal, Yokes
  • Board Specs: Exile Large, 3/4 box rail, Geo Mode
  • 10th St Bro's Video's: DVD's, iTunes

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  • Interview:
    First barrel - At Victoria Beach at about age 7 on a sponge. I pulled into a little pit on my Morey 139 and got slammed into the sand. My leash wrapped around my neck 3 times and was hanging on my back. I came up stoked as hell.

    First sponsor - My mom. She used to get me a tube of Nosecoat and a towel that had to last me all summer. The towel would be so crusty it could stand up by itself. I always lost it by like the third week or so and had to lay in the sand to dry all summer.

    Skim trips this year - Melaque, Mexico in spring. Love the crew down there. A big storm came through so we got a ton of rain but big waves always come along with a storm. I quit doing contests a while back but my family made me enter the skim contest because my son was in it and I ended up getting 6th in Pro and on the podium so that was fun. I also made to trips to Hawaii while my brother Bill was living over there so that was cool. I got to hit Maui and Oahu and caught killer skim on both islands.

    First movie you made - A skim video called Soulag in1993. My brother and I made it in my bedroom on a couple of VCR's. We leaned a lot from that movie and our next film, The Bomb, made the blueprint for others skim films and really sparked some stoke and growth into skimboarding. 

    First class you failed - Statistics at Saddleback Jr. College.

    Last hair cut - At least 10 years ago. I guess it's about time!

    Last barrel - The last good one has to be a few weeks ago. Damn! Thats not good is it? Wedge tends to fall asleep in the winter.

    Last class you passed - Film Production. I got my BA at Long Beach State in 1999.

    Furthest places you have traveled - South Africa for the Maloof Money Cup. The other side of the world basically. Beautiful place. I had a great time hanging with the people there and had a couple fun skim sessions in Cape Town and Durban. I love going to Japan and gotten to go there 4 times. My first trip I skimmed in the Ocean Dome wave pool which might have been my best trip ever. Chile was really fun, Vancouver, France, Portugal, and Spain.

    Last movie you made - A skim video I made with Skim Junky called, The Addiction. It's definitely worth checking out. You can see it at skimjunky.com. The last couple of movies I made for Tenth Street Bros are on iTunes so I'm pretty stoked people have access to skim movies everywhere around the world.