Zap - Whip 54" Blue

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Zap Whip Skimboard - Holds up to 210lbs. - GatorSkin Glass & Propel bottom - NEW RidgeGrip technology
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Rider Weight Limit: 210 lbs.

Rider Height Range: 5'4" - 6'2"

Size: 54" x 20.75" x 3/4"

Description: The Whip features Zap's NEW RidgeGrip technology, an industry first. Throughout the midsection of the board there is a 3/4” rail ridge that tapers down to a 5/8” core which creates a ridge on each rail. This creates both ergonomic comfort and unique performance. The 5/8” core in the center maintains a very responsive and fast ride. The 3/4” rail provides extra floatation like a thicker core, giving the best of both worlds. The Whip is rounded out with our super tough GatorSkin glass and Propel bottom to keep the board extra slick.

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