Best Skimboards To Buy In 2021

Got some experience or planning to dive into skimboarding for the first time? The right skimboard is your best buddy to face the waves on the shore.

For a smooth and seamless skimming experience, quality skimboard selection is a must. Therefore, we have listed down some of the best skimboards that you should consider buying in 2021. 

Zap Wedge Skimboard 

The Zap Medium Wedge is perfect for sand skimming and wave riding. Its vibrant and elegant design amps up your style statement. Each piece is hand-painted with exquisite airbrushed artwork.

With the variety of patterns to choose from in several vibrant patterns, this board is ideal for beginners and intermediate skimmers alike.

This skimboard is constructed with the finest attention to detail. Its Zap’s Composite construction ensures utmost durability and the e-glass used in the board provides it extra strength. The use of fiberglass with foam-core extends the overall life of this skimboard. 

This board is one of the most popular ones and comes in small, medium, and large sizes. 

Zap Core Skimboard

The Zap Core Skimboard creates the perfect skimboard riding experience for all riders, irrespective of their experience.

With a thick core, it can hold up to 150lbs of weight. 

Handcrafted with perfection to suit your needs, this skimboard provides optimal flotation whilst remaining fast and maneuverable. 

Moreover, these make great introductory boards for young adults and teen riders. 

It is designed using composite construction with continuous core and polyester resin. The E-Glass wrap provides extra strength and enhances the overall durability of the skimboard. Its TuffCoat Glass Finish and gelcoat art make it a must-have in your stylish board collection.

Whether for the first time or upgrading a skimboard, Core Skimboard is awaiting loads of fun.

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Zap Ace Skimboard 

The ace skimboard is a whole package deal on a budget. It is built with Zap's SuperDura bottom, a finely tuned rocker, and a high-performance shape. 

Moreover, it has an amazing board rail design featuring a rail that tapers up towards the center and around the board.

This means no thinning out of the nose and tail. This light, fast and buoyant is available in several different designs. 

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Zap Hellcat V2 Skimboard 

The ZAP Hellcat is for the fierce and adventurous. Made of e-glass fiber, this board features a curvy yet balanced outline with a fuller nose and surfboard-style squash tail. 

The board’s increased surface area provides greater planning abilities allowing one to reach waves with a sense of ease and comfort. 

What’s more, its wide tail functions like a gas pedal under your back foot. It can attain a wonderful speed that is not feasible on a regular pintail style board.

It has a center thickness of 3/4in that thins out in the nose and tail providing the perfect rail sensitivity and float balance. Optimal for riding on small to medium size wave potential, this board is an epitome of thrill and luxury at the same time.

Zap Prowler Skimboard

The Prowler model bridges the gap between standard high performance and alternative design. Having the speed and stability of Hellcat and extra maneuverability of its own, prowler is one of the best skimboards out there. This model comes in the new Frost Tech build.

It has a bump wing round tail design that allows the board to turn quickly and hold large waves better. Check out the Zap Prowler Skimboard now!

Zap Rocket Fish Skimboard

The Rocket Fish is apt for smaller waves commonly spotted on the East Coast. The board remains maneuvered to the front foot due to its fuller nose-to-midsection setting.

The rocket fish model is wide enough due to an added ½” width in its midsection. This also accounts for an increased speed and travel distance when side-slipping out to waves.

The slightly more circular than normal shape and technical details let the rider take fast spins. What’s more, its double-wing fishtail makes riding off the back foot great, allowing the rider to dramatically pivot and turn off the back foot without sinking the tail too deep in the water, resulting in a loss of speed. 

Technical tricks spin faster and more evenly because of their slightly more circular-than-normal shape. Check out the Zap Rocket Fish Skimboard now!

Zap Fuse-X Skimboard

Built with GatorSkin glass and epoxy resin, the ZapFuse-X Skimboard is strong and lightweight. It is ¾” core provides it with ample floatation. 

Note: It is available in smooth gloss and textured deck finish.

Zap Arrowhead Skimboard

The Arrowhead model is exclusively curated for those looking for extra float. Its wide midsection helps provide more stability and surface area for side slipping out to waves. 

The narrow nose and winged pintail balance the board out letting the rider dig the tail and respond super fast. If you want to catch the hard-to-reach waves, go for this skimboard as it ensures you remain on top of the water with minimal pumping. 

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Zap Whip Skimboard 

Featuring RidgeGrip technology, Whip Skimboard makes a solid and unique choice. It is rounded out with super-tough GatorSkin glass.

The midsection of the board has a 3/4” rail ridge that tapers down to a 5/8” core throughout the middle of the board. This creates a large comfortable hand grip for phenomenal performance. 

The rail provides extra floating like a brilliant core. 

The Final Words

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What are you waiting for? Find a sunny day, get your board and conquer the waves as you own it.

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