How to Wax a High End Zap Skimboard?

Skimboarding is a fun water sport for someone who loves beaches and oceans. But when you are a beginner, it can be quite challenging to do it properly even after investing in the best Skimboards. The reason behind it is that you don’t know how to wax them up properly.

Even the High end zap Skimboards perform better after wax application and allow you to stay on the board for longer time without slipping off. It also protects the top and bottom of the board and makes it last longer. This blog will discuss how to wax the high end zap Skimboards properly.

Why should you wax your high end zap Skimboards?

When riding the waves on the not waxed high end zap Skimboard, you may slip off it or not be able to stand on it with the right grip. In simple words, wax helps you get a perfect grip and create a good surface. Even though a traction pad helps with the same, applying wax could make skimming even better.

Waxing the high end zap Skimboard also offers a smooth and better slide and prevents your feet from slipping off by making it sticky. It ensures that you don’t face any mishaps while skimboarding.

How to choose wax for your high end zap Skimboards?

Skimboard wax should be selected based on the temperature of the water where you will do skimboarding. For example, if you select the colder wax in the cold water, it will become hard, making you slip; if you select warmer wax for skimboarding in water with high temperature, it will melt, making you slide off.

Four types of Skimboard wax are available in the market- cold, cool, warm, and tropical. Each of them is appropriate for different water temperatures. You can select as per the location, water temperature, and timing for skimboarding.

Generally, Cold wax is for 58F, and below water temperature, the cool wax is for 58F to 68F temperature, the warm wax is appropriate for water between 68F to 78F, and Tropical Wax is for 75F and below water temperature. But you should always check the packaging to understand for which temperature point it is designed to make a better decision.

How to Wax a High End Zap Skimboard?

After picking the right wax, it is time to proceed with the actual process for waxing your high end zap Skimboard. There are specific techniques to wax your Skimboard to make it last longer. And to proceed with the same, you will require to have the right supplies.

Supplies required for Waxing the zap Skimboard:

  • Basecoat Wax
  • Topcoat wax
  • Wax Comb
  • Cleaning Agent or Scraper
  • Paper Towel

Step by Step Guide:

1. Clean the surface of high end zap Skimboards:

The Skimboard is required to be cleaned properly before applying wax on it because it might have old wax and dirt. So to clean the surface, you should wash it up with water to remove extra dirt. And for the old wax coat, use a plastic scraper to scrape it off without damaging your Skimboard.

It becomes easier to remove old wax when it is melted. So, you can either use a hairdryer to melt it up or leave it in the sun for some time. Once it starts melting, wipe it off using a paper towel or soft fabric.

You can even use a cleaning agent to remove wax from the Skimboard. It will spotlessly remove dirt and old wax from it. Once your board starts looking polished, smooth, fresh, it indicates that old wax is off.

Note: Let your board dry if you have used water or a cleaning agent for removing dirt and wax from it before applying the first coat.

2. Apply the Base Coat on the Zap Skimboard:

The Base Coat of high end zap Skimboards helps create a bump pattern that works as a foundation and allows other coats to stick well. For this, choose tropical wax or wax with a high-temperature range, and any brand would work the same way here. (If it is hard to find the high-temperature wax, stick to the same temperature range for all wax coats.)

Rub the base coat on your Skimboard in a circular motion with added force to let it stick. It is important because the base coat has a harder texture. If your base coat has a lighter texture, it will take longer to complete the process and require long-drawn rubbing.

3. Apply the Top Coat on the Zap Skimboard:

After prepping up the high end zap Skimboards, the next step is to apply a top coat of wax. However, before moving forward with it, make sure the Skimboard is covered in the base coat properly. Once ensured, apply one layer of top coat in straight motion on the board. Cover it from nose to tail. Leave it aside for 5 minutes. Then apply another layer of the same base coat wax side to side in a straight motion. It will help your board to cover up well in wax.

4. Apply the wax with the required temperature:

After applying the base coat and top coat on the high end zap Skimboards, start with the application of temperature-rated wax. It is important to give you a grip when skimboarding in water at a certain temperature.

Apply the first layer in a circular motion. It should leave several bumps of wax on the board as it will help you get the right grip. Once applied properly, you are ready for Skimboarding.

5. Reapplying the wax after riding:

A small amount of top coat will flake off after skimboarding every time because some go off with water while some slip off with your suit. It is extremely normal. So to ensure better riding, reapply top coat every time you hit the water again. However, this application depends on the usage and how dirty the wax becomes.

Now you know how to wax a high end zap Skimboard. 

Final Words:

To achieve the best in the world of water sports, Skimboards play an equally important role as applying wax on them. Therefore, you should consider getting it from the best places to match the rhythm of the waves. Several online and offline companies deal with Skimboard; among the most popular ones is East Coat Skimboards

You can get the best high end zap Skimboards for beginners and professionals and ease up your rides. So, with wax application, also consider upgrading your old Skimboard and get the best.

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