Which Zap Skimboard Should You Get?

Skimboarding as a sport has been gaining popularity in recent years.

Beach buffs and water sport enthusiasts have been embracing the sport for quite some time now. For a sport that started back in the 1920s, it certainly has the right amount of popularity amongst Gen Z and the Millennials.

So, what’s actually required to start some good ol’ skimboarding?

Well, just some practice and one good Zap skimboard. (The latter being essential).

However, when it comes to choosing the perfect skimboard, you can’t have the one which “looks cool” or the one your friend has.

Choosing the perfect Zap skimboard for yourself has various factors attached to it. From your height to the material being used.

Confused? Don’t be. We at East Coast Skimboards know exactly how to guide you.

What Is Considered A ‘Good’ Zap Skimboard?

So, what makes a skimboard good enough for you?

Ideally, when you’re choosing your perfect skimboard, it should sit well with your physical traits, i.e. your height, weight as well as your skills when it comes to skimboarding.

Having said that, don’t just get the first skimboard out of the shelf. Assess its size and dimensions according to yours and then take the final decision.

Want us to elaborate more on this? Keep on reading.

Factors To Consider While Choosing A Zap Skimboard.

  • Skill Level

Just getting into the world of skimboarding? Go for a skimboard that’s wide and long. A skimboard that’s longer and wider, allows you more room plus helps you with your balance. 

However, when it comes to Zap Skimboards, the brand recommends going for a skimboard, smaller than their recommended size range. This is because their recommended sizes are for skimboarders who prefer skimming in deeper waters.

For the intermediate and advanced skimboarders, it is recommended to stick to the Zap recommended sizes, mentioned here.

  • Weight

Make your weight one of the most important factors while choosing your skimboard. Zap suggests going for the skimboards at the top end of their range, in case you weigh more.

  • Height
According to Zap, this turns out to be the most important factor. For intermediate and advanced skimboarders, the company recommends using skimboards, whose nose reaches anywhere between the chest and the chin.

Beginners can start sand sliding on a much smaller skimboard.

  • Board Usage

Right, now comes the specific part. In case you’re looking to use the board for tech tricks, opt for a smaller board for better manoeuvrability. However, if sand sliding is the way to go for you, a broader and larger Zap skimboard will suit you better.

  • Wave Conditions

Knowing how the waves generally are in your location of skimboarding, can help you.

For locations that experience bigger and more powerful waves, a smaller Zap skimboard might help you manoeuvre through the waves better.

However, when it comes to the eastern coast, the waves tend to be comparatively weaker, hence a longer and bigger skimboard might be better. 

This is because larger boards help keep the rider’s momentum in smaller waves.

  • Board Material

Zap being a pioneer in skimboard manufacturing, prefers to go for foam boards, any day, due to a long list of advantages.

Foam boards or foamies are comparatively lighter and thicker than wooden skimboards. Due to this, foam boards, such as Zap, provide more flexibility. Their lighter, thicker and more flexible characteristics make them a favourite amongst experienced skimboarders.

While there is an added price premium attached with the foam skimboards, it’s all worth it.

Are Zap Skimboards Any Good?

Before we come to a verdict, let’s understand a few things about skimboards.

While the popular opinion out there states, that skimboards are simply a smaller version of the good old surfboards. While that is true, but partially.

Zap skimboards are smaller than a conventional surfboard, but they come with their own set of benefits.

Due to their smaller size and thinner structure, a regular Zap skimboard is easier to carry around, even in a regular car easily.

Since the inputs in creating a Zap skimboard are lesser than a traditional surfboard, they are way more affordable than the latter. Apart from all these benefits, what adds to the list is the build quality. 

Zap has been at the forefront of developing the best skimboards for skimboarders. This passion has made them create skimboards out of foam.

Skimboards made out of foam have a better resale value and are drastically lighter than their wooden counterparts.

How Much Does A Zap Skimboard Cost?

As we’ve mentioned through the entire write up above, the entire process of buying a skimboard is to suit you. So, when you’re buying a skimboard, it should sit well with your requirements.

Zap manufactures skimboards for a wide range of consumers. From men to women and kids, beginners to advanced, everyone has a Zap skimboard for them. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a Zap skimboard, it might cost you around $300-$400 on an average.

Should You Go For Zap Skimboards?

If you are someone who’s looking to start skimboarding, Zap Skimboards turn out to be your best bet. Their wide range of skimboards, adequately priced products and amazing pieces make it a skimboarder’s favourite brand.

So, if you’re looking to get yourself an amazing Zap Skimboard, we at East Coast Skimboards have got it all for you here.

Visit this list of curated Zap Skimboards today, and choose the one which best suits your requirements.

Who Are We?

We at East Coast Skimboards know what a fellow skimboarder wants, and we know it well. Since 2003, we’ve been offering a wide array of skimboards from Zap, Victoria & Exile for a large set of our customers.

Our passion for skimboarding, combined with our professionalism, ensures that you always end up with a smile after shopping with us. Skimboards, apparel, skimboard bags and everything else around skimboarding. You name it, we’ve got it.

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